Competition Launch:
June 9, 2014
Registration Deadline:
August 1, 2014 – Early Bird Registration* Deadline
August 28, 2014 – Registration* Deadline
Submission Deadline:
August 31, 2014 – Submission Deadline (midnight MDT)
Country: Canada
Competitors must be students or recent graduates of architecture or a related discipline(Up to five years). This competition is open to international competitors.
Entry Fee:
Early Bird Registration* ($25 CAD)
Registration* ($50 CAD)
First Place – $2000 CAD
Second Place – $1000 CAD
Third Place – $500 CAD
selected entries may be published online or during an exhibition of the ideas competition. There is a possibility that the ideas generated may be used towards a future built project.

Competition Website

Hillhurst United Church (HUC) in Calgary, Canada invites designers to develop an exceptional and inspiring concept for a new space to promote social actualization.
The concept of social actualization reflects a move from a focus on personal development toward the development of the collective. It suggests a process of sharing and co-learning where the results promote a community of people to reach its full potential. What would a space look like that fosters a process of social actualization?
Hillhurst United Church (HUC) is a flourishing inner-city community. It embraces the potential and the challenges of its community through its core values: spirituality, social justice and radical hospitality.
Designers are asked to articulate a highly creative solution through a new form and program for a space (adjacent to the existing church) with the aspiration to be an inviting community hub for social innovation and spiritual growth. The idea is to engage and channel the energy of the congregation and citizens in the neighbourhood toward future-focused ideas and be a dynamic home base for HUC’s flourishing community.We envision a space where individuals of different beliefs who share our values can collaborate and innovate; an incubator for ideas.

Submission Requirements:
2 digital boards 24 x 36 each .jpg or .pdf
500 word max. description
Submission instructions to be posted soon.

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